I’m not a frequent user of Apple products but this years marketing event peaked even my interest. Apple introduced new products and focused on 3 talking points. The migration to their very own M1 chipset, colors, and being a company with a strong focus on the environment. Here are the products.

The iPhone 12 in Purple

The event starts off pretty weak. There is a new color for the iPhone 12. Great.


The New iMac

Ted Lasso Season 2

We got to see a trailer of the new season of Ted Lasso! It’s a great show and a surprising reminder that Apple is still a content creator. I really enjoyed the first season but I am a little skeptical if the show’s concept can remain interesting throughout another run.

The New Apple TV

There is a new Apple TV with a bigger remote out. It can do 4k. Apple tried to sell the addition of the power button on the remote as an innovation. Yes, it was missing on the current models. What a joke.

The New iPad Pro

Apparently there is a new iPad Pro. It runs on the new M1 chipset and has a wide-angle lens that tracks you during video calls. I’m not sure what professionals are using iPads, but they seem to be out there.

Hope that helps.